Meet the team behind Tripindigo

Matt Bell

Founder and Tech lead

Matt is one of the founders of Tripindigo. He is responsible for the technical side of things, combining his IT background, his passion for the region and his extensive experience working with East African travel businesses.

Matt started as an overland safari driver in 2003, after completing a Computer Science degree at Manchester University in the UK, and has worked in the East African travel and hospitality industry ever since.

His favourite places in East Africa are off grid, where one can be fully immersed in the culture, language and philosophy of life, far from the distractions of the digital world!

Matt’s passion is to empower businesses in Africa to have the best digital presence, and share what they have to offer with customers around the world.

He speaks Swahili, loves travelling, reading, cooking, and keeping fit.

Marc Dhalluin

Founder and Business development

Marc is one of the founders of Tripindigo and responsible for business development and marketing. He was born in South Africa and has spent his professional life working in the tourism and hospitality industry in Southern Africa, South America, and Europe.

Marc is a keen adventurer and has travelled around the globe for adventures with or without his mountain bike. He has done many trips to East Africa and loves the feeling of standing on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, looking down into the unique habitat and seeing it in perspective. But he also has a soft spot for Mnemba atoll where he first explored the marvelous underwater world as he learned to scuba dive.

Driving to the Serengeti one day and realising the entire trip was a game drive was an eye-opening moment for Marc. Seeing the local people and animals existing side by side he understood this wasn’t just a road for tourists, but this is Africa.

One of the things on Marc’s bucket list is to participate in a traditional dhow race.

Adam Tewson

Customer Service Manager

Adam has worked in the travel and tourism industry in Tanzania for more than 10 years. He manages the customer service department, but also plays a key role in the web design and development team.

Adam’s favourite place in East Africa is Tanzania, and Dar es Salaam is the place he calls home. Being married to a local Tanzanian has provided him with a unique insight into the country, its people and its culture.

Through travelling in Tanzania both as a tourist and as a local with his family, he has acquired an extensive knowledge of all the major national parks and some of the lesser known areas like Mikumi and Saadani National Park. He also regularly visits Zanzibar, only a short 20-minute flight in a small Cessna plane from Dar es Salaam, much enjoyed by his 2 daughters.

His favourite day trip from Dar es Salaam is swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving in the marine reserve around Bongoyo Island, or simply relaxing on Bongoyo’s beach enjoying a cold drink and the freshly barbecued seafood. The short trip from The Slipway on a locally made dhow adds to the experience.

Godfrey Maliwanga

Customer Service

Godfrey is a key part of the customer service team and if you need any assistance there is a good chance he will be the one supporting you. He is based in Dar es Salaam where he enjoys playing soccer and jogging on the beaches before catching the beautiful African sunsets over the ocean.

Godfrey loves travelling to new destinations, learning about different environments, cultures and people. He treasures his memories from camping trips to the Ngorongoro Crater, wildlife safaris to the Serengeti National Park and learning about the history of men in Olduvai Gorge. But his favourite place in East Africa is vibrant Arusha with its beautiful climate and abundance of wildlife in the nearby areas, although he admits he might be biased towards his own country.

There are many places in East Africa he would like to visit and he has set himself an ambitious goal to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, before he turns 30.

In Dar es Salaam Godfrey’s much-loved day trip is a visit to Mbudya Island, only a 20-minute boat ride from the White Sands hotel. Mbudya Island is one of four islands in the Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve and is an excellent spot to unwind on the beach, snorkel or swim, go for a walk and eat freshly caught fish.

Mzee Malik

Customer Service

Mzee Malik was born on the island of Zanzibar which is an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania.

He has tourism in his veins and has been working in the industry since graduating in 2013. Mzee believes that there is no better way of being a positive force in his country than providing a great experience for its many visitors. Mzee joined the Tripindigo team in December 2016 and works on the Customer Service desk as well as providing essential research services to the team.

Mzee’s favourite place in East Africa is Stone Town. This is the old city and cultural heart of Zanzibar. He enjoys walking through the winding alleys and bustling bazaars where there is always something new to discover. The ancient buildings give an insight into the exotic and exciting history of Zanzibar.

Another must see in Zanzibar that Mzee would recommend to all visitors is Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. This area is host to many indigenous species of flora and fauna, and is famous for its Red Colobus Monkeys.

Mzee’s passion for travel extends beyond the island he calls home, and he has travelled throughout Tanzania to some of the most popular tourist destinations. The one that stays with him is the Ngorongoro Crater. The magnificent views from the crater's rim and the abundance of wildlife made a lasting impression on him.

When he is not working, Mzee enjoys playing football with friends on the beach. He is also currently on a course to become a dive master which will give him the opportunity to explore under the ocean as well as above.

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