Booking East African Travel Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Booking East African Travel Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

  14 June 2017       Tripindigo       5 min read

In the past East African travel has been seen as the more adventurous option for selective tourists and pitched as going off the grid or the road less travelled, but in recent years its become so much more. 


The dilemma


The influx of tourism to East Africa hasn’t made tour operators and travel agents jobs any easier. East African travel specialists are renowned for doing a lot of the heavy lifting themselves, from

  • Directly calling up airlines
  • Visiting multiple airline websites to check pricing 
  • Having to book individual flights for return or multi-destination flights

Only to have routes open or close or be sold out by the time you finalise your client's booking and you would have to re-do your hard work. If that wasn’t tiring and time-consuming enough you would have to repeat the same manual process to reserve accommodation  


The solution


If the situations mentioned above are all too familiar to you, if these are pain points you’d love to move away from, then we have great news for you. 

Introducing Tripindigo, powered by EasyOTA is an East African travel aggregator and soon to be the preferred way to book East African travel online. Backed by ten years in East `African travel, we’ve identified the critical pain points travel agents in this space have faced and aimed to make it a thing of the past. 

We’ve built an easy-to-use platform that makes the most of today's technology and reduces booking travel to a few clicks of a mouse or taps on your Smartphone. 


Use Tripindigo to create your client's travel itinerary and enjoy a host of benefits such as:

  1. Access our site at any time 24/7  
  2. Don’t be restricted to the office or landline. Book on any device, Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone 
  3. Access to over 800 routes & route combinations
  4. Access to exclusive fares
  5. Access to multiple airlines
  6. Access to new season pricing as it becomes available
  7. Immediate pricing updates for seasonality & distressed inventory
  8. Keep track of price fluctuations with updated pricing online
  9. Pay for bookings using multiple payment options
  10. Booking multi-destination trips
  11. Gain access to our customer service centre to manage all changes etc
  12. Receive customer service in both Swahili and English 

and best of all there are NO hidden fees!


Experience a new way of booking trips for clients, and you may even find something for yourself with the range of options we have on offer.

Don't just take our word for it, give our site a whirl today 

Search, Compare & Book in only minutes. It's addictively quick and easy that we can guarantee!

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Note: It doesn't stop there. We will be launching hotels, car hire and activity booking too. Coming soon.

Try out Tripindigo


Check out our infographic on how we make creating East African Travel itineraries easy or download it here

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Tripindigo Infographic

Finding you the best prices. Book your whole itinerary with us!

  1. Make a search for Flights, Hotels, Car Hire and / or Activities
  2. Enter your details
  3. Pay by card or Mobile Money
  4. Print your tickets & Vouchers
  5. Secure, fast and convenient

Tripindigo is East Africa’s leading travel comparison website. Revolutionary but effortless, booking your itinerary has never been easier.

Our world class customer service team is always here, should you need assistance during or after your booking.

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