Why book with Tripindigo?

Tripindigo: Why book with us?

Tripindigo makes it easy to combine the best routes and flight prices for single and multi-leg flights into a single booking.
If you need to change or cancel, no problem. You need only contact our customer services team here. We will handle all communications with the airlines to assure you get the best assistance possible.

Please compare below the benefits of booking with us:

10 reasons to book with Tripindigo:

  1. Search, compare airline prices and schedules from multiple airlines all in one place.

  2. Same prices as you’ll get from the airline - we earn a commission and do not add on any fees.

  3. Customer support: - we care and are available when you need us.

  4. Availability is live: - no email, no phone calls to secure your booking.

  5. Amend your bookings up to 7 days before departure - our Ts&Cs are the same for each airline whose tickets you book and pay for through Tripindigo.

  6. Transfer to another airline for free should the changes you need not be met by the booked airline*

  7. No fees for changes and cancellations within 7 days of flying*(pay only the transaction fee we’ve had to pay to have the payment securely processes - see 10 below).

  8. Multi-leg bookings are easy whether you use the same airline or not. All on one website, and in one transaction.

  9. Choose a currency you’d prefer to pay with. Local, USD, EUR, GBP

  10. Payments are secure - we process your payments through one of the world’s most secure payment processors Direct Pay Online.


* Please check the airlines Terms and Conditions for full details


  • Safe and Secure
  • Hassle free
  • No hidden fees
  • Best prices, best routes, best schedules
  • We do the change work for you

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