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Booking help

Our Customer Support section provides information to assist you and answers often asked questions. Should you have any additional information requirements have a look at our FAQs here and our T&C here.  Should there be anything else you need to know, please contact us here


Searching & Booking Flights : see our 'How to book flights' here

Is Tripindigo an airline?

No, Tripindigo is not an airline. Nor are we an accommodation provider, a car hire company or a tour operator offering experiences. We are a search engine and an authorised ticketing platform for domestic airlines in East Africa as well as an online booking site for accommodation, car hire and experiences so you can build your complete holiday itinerary right here online with us.

When can I use the resident rates and when do I have to use the international rates?

You are a resident if you hold a current resident permit or are a citizen of the country you are flying in. This is an official document (usually recorded in your passport) confirming your status as a resident. If you do not have proof of residency, you must select international traveller. Please see the Resident Information Page for more information here.

I want to travel to /from a destination, but I can’t see it in the options?

If the destination you want to travel to / from is not listed as an option, it means that the airlines do not fly there. Tripindigo only shows the destinations available. Note that some routes are seasonal. Please contact us to arrange a charter flight here .

I want to use a specific airline, but it is not coming up in the search results?

If the airline doesn’t show in the search results, it means it doesn’t fly to your destination. Go to our Airlines pages, select your chosen airline and see their routes and schedules.

Which destinations and routes do you show on the Tripindigo site?

You can find all destinations and routes on our website that our airlines fly to collectively here.

In what countries do you show flights, accommodation, car hire and experiences?

Currently we offer flights servicing over 600 routes in Tanzania and Kenya, as well as cross-border routes to capital centres only. Accommodation, car hire, transfers and experiences are offered within the key business and leisure destinations.

I need help with my booking, where can I get help?

Please check the options on the ‘Contact Us’ page here.

Where can I find a specific airline’s Terms and Conditions?

All our represented airlines’ main T&C can be found on their respective pages here. For more detail and conditions of carriage, please visit the individual airline’s website.   |     +255 (0) 766 796 685 or +44 (0)208 1333424